Top 5 Things To Do in England

1266176_10202106731578846_1789641087_o 1.  London of course!  It really is a GREAT city, Love it!  You need at least 5 days and that is going all day every day to take it all in:  Big Ben, House of Parliament, London Bridge, the Tower, China Town, Buckingham Palace, British Museum and just simply walking around and pub crawling. 1272854_10202114164644668_1866822120_o 2.  Bath.  Gorgeous gorgeous town, great shopping and walking around 11129556_10205676043534470_6641829797663716797_o 3. Stonehenge.  Hint: there are only 4 nights a year you can actually go beyond the ropes and touch the stones so be sure to go then:  Winter/Summer Solstice and the Spring/Autumn Equinox 1265601_10202066338849053_1734383169_o 1268806_10202066346209237_716821457_o1244273_10202066345849228_856780502_o IMG_0869IMG_0871 4.  Windsor and Ascot and the surrounding country side area 11174210_10206706718815652_1533370054015000834_o11187805_10206706718055633_5478674581276228726_o11187183_10206678519430685_9175992719340214225_o 5.  PUBS old old PUBS, gorgeous interiors, history and crazy old 1277448_10202140698187990_1271134871_o1268256_10202140784390145_1019593209_o1271167_10202140817350969_1459358125_o1277641_10202140817870982_2009237260_o11187298_10206660068409421_2664067206440904109_o11249312_10206706737536120_7312459314280171576_n

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