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Welcome to our new blog! This is our first attempt into the world of blogging so bare with us and we would love to know your feedback.

We are the Dressler’s, Darren and Darla from California/USA and now of UK/Europe!  Darren is dual citizen thanks to his Dad being born in England/Hemel Hempstead,  and his Grandmother in Scotland/Glasgow.  This made him dual citizen automatic (which took us 2+yrs to figure out online!)  We plotted and planned for 5yrs on how to divest our BIG life in San Diego, CA and move to UK/Europe to live smaller.  This is a diary of those events and those places we’ve been and the thoughts we’ve had.  Good, bad, ugly, fun and not so fun!   As if that wasn’t enough crazy, We have another twist as we also brought our blind,semi crippled dog Bella with us.   Hence the name of the Blog 🙂

You are invited to search the archives and categories as we are sharing our stories, in an effort to keep a record for ourselves. As well as, to help you, avoid the pitfalls an/or benefit from our experiences and mistakes, in many different areas of moving/traveling abroad and life as an Expat.   As we pursue our dream of an adventurous lifestyle with the world as our home,  and a car and house sitting our compass.  We have no direction except to see and experience it ALL.   Have a look around and let us know what you think.  Check back often as we will be updating the site frequently!IMG_1961

As a married couple with similar and varied interests we will have many perspectives and interests such as, Organic lifestyles, Skiing, Kitesurfing, Health, Dog Care, Housesitting, Sailing, Expat experience, Financial strategies, Technological challenges,  and many other subjects.  Thank you for being here and sharing the love.

Please enjoy and leave feedback!

Darren, Darla and Bella the world traveling dog


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