London: Our First Time, and WOW Its Amazing

1272854_10202114164644668_1866822120_o1274667_10202114141244083_824124494_o1294545_10202114139764046_1719848139_o We finally made it across the pond and to London, our first trip and we packed it all in, in just a few days. There is so much to see and so much to do.  Everything you've seen in the movies and there you are!  The double decker buses, the black taxi cabs, Big Ben and Parliament, its all in front of you and so bizarre and we Loved it 1379879_10202114137563991_1621931253_n1277977_10202114167124730_805601408_oWestminster Abbey, getting ready to go in for Sunday services, pretty spectacular!1277497_10202114159804547_763774907_o

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